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What our graduates are saying!

"I just finished the Modern Yoga Method training, and am so glad I decided to go ahead with it!  I was leery of doing an on-line course, but Isidora's down-to-earth delivery,  well-prepared modules where we could work at our own pace, and supplementary resources and activities really helped me learn an incredible amount of information, considering I had no previous knowledge of anatomy.  By the end I felt prepared to plan and deliver a class while thinking on my feet to accommodate a variety of students. I highly recommend Modern Yoga Method over other models that simply teach a series of asanas."

Michelle C. - 2021 Graduate

"Absolutely loved the yoga teacher training class. I wanted something different than the other teacher training programs out there.  I feel like you prepared us to think critically and to think on our feet. I’m not just memorizing a script and I feel like I can offer an experience. I highly recommend the Modern Yoga Method teacher training . Thank you for teaching me so much and for believing in me/us as a group. I’m honoured to have learned from you."

Morgan B. - 2021 Graduate



"The Modern Yoga Method teacher training with Isidora is an eye-opening and enriching experience. It helped me learn about the astonishing world of the human body, how to move better, mental and physical trauma awareness, spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga, yoga methodology, and much more. Isidora is an amazing teacher, sharing her knowledge with such a passion that makes it easy to grasp the material and be fully engaged in the learning process. While in a supportive and encouraging learning environment, I not only learned new skills, but also deepened my practice and self-reflection. Isidora and her team of experts provide a truly unique yoga teacher training that is a highly valuable experience for any movement enthusiast, whether aspiring to be a yoga teacher or not."

Natalia - 2018 Graduate

"I left knowing more about the human body than I thought possible.  Isidora took the time to ensure each one of us understood everything there is to know about functional anatomy so that we were able to put together a class that functionally made sense."

Katrina - 2017 Graduate

"Isidora always reviewed material covered in class to help solidify our knowledge. It was clearly evident that our success in the teacher training course was very important to her. She allowed the students and I to teach our own class and then offered feedback afterwards. I believe this was the best possible way to prepare us for the daunting task of teaching a real yoga class. She is a great leader who always offered us support when we needed it most and made sure no one was ever left out."

Josh - 2017 Graduate

"The program offered a beautiful balance of functional anatomy, yoga philosophy and teaching methodology taught by a team of experienced and supportive instructors. With a strong emphasis on functional anatomy, taught by the anatomy genius Isidora Romantini, I walked away with a deep understanding of the physical body, and learned how to sequence an anatomically appropriate and safe yoga class." 

Tori - 2017 Graduate

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