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Podcast with Isidora Romantini

Listen to conversations about feeling better, moving better, and living the best version of ourselves. Topics include the latest research behind movement, mental health, manual therapies, and healthy living.

Season 2

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Cecily Milne: 

Cues in Question

Episode 38

What yoga cues are useful?  What cues make, or don't make sense?  Why?

Join Cecily and me in a conversation about cues we used to use, rather useless cues that we still hear and what we can do better as teachers to communicate intelligent and purposeful movement sequences to our students.  If you are a yoga teacher, listen in.  If you're a student, you'll undoubtedly be able to relate and hopefully begin to question what you've been hearing in your yoga classes.

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April Vokey:

Mother in Nature

Episode 37

April Vokey has had her hands in the dirt and has been in the water since she was a little tot and has become an influential woman in the world of angling, foraging and hunting. This woman has even tanned her own hides.I wanted to offer you a glimpse of what she's all about and get you a little inspired by her words as we talk about sustainably fishing, foraging and most importantly being respectful of our land and what it offers us.

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Kate and Ramsay:

Design Impact

Episode 36

Guests Kate Hanisian and Ramsay Ford of Design Impact, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio join me in a discussion about the concept of human centered design and how it relates to social change.  We also talk about social justice and how community engagement is at the forefront, how trauma influences the ability to make those changes and how those affected work through it.

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Dr. Perry Nickelston:

Lymphatic Mojo

Episode 35

You don't have to be a manual therapist to appreciate the amazing work that Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain has done.  With his passion and fascination of the human lymphatic system, our riveting discussion covers why an optimally functioning body and all their systems is so very important for feeling good and moving well.

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Carlo Celotti:


Episode 34

This is a great conversation with Carlo Celotti about all things CrossFit and how he has weaved in his own approach and philosophies to make the workouts in his gym, "All In One Strength and Conditioning" accessible for all.

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Adam Haritan:

Learn Your Land

Episode 33

A fascinating conversation with Adam Haritan of Learn Your Land discussing fungi and mushrooms and their significance to our ecosystem.  We also talk about the medicinal properties of mushrooms and clear up some myths about the edible sorts.  This conversation will undoubtedly inspire you to get outside and begin to learn YOUR land.

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Matthew Remski:

Practice and All is Coming Part 2

Episode 32

Join me in the second half of my discussion with Matthew Remski.  If you haven't had a chance to tune in to the first half, please have a listen.

The recent developments that have surfaced regarding physical and sexual abuse by the hands of men such as Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar and Bikram Chowdry have shaken the yoga community.

Meet Matthew Remski, author of "Practice and all is Coming" and join our discussion about cult dynamics and how it relates to the stories of victims and survivors of abuse in yoga, how we can heal and break the cycle.

This is an important discussion and topic that all yoga teachers must face.  Please have a listen and pass it on. *Trigger warning*

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Matthew Remski:

Practice and All is Coming Part 1

Episode 31

The recent developments that have surfaced regarding physical and sexual abuse by the hands of men such as Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar and Bikram Chowdry have shaken the yoga community.

Meet Matthew Remski, author of "Practice and all is Coming" and join our discussion about cult dynamics and how it relates to the stories of victims and survivors of abuse in yoga, how we can heal and break the cycle.

This is an important discussion and topic that all yoga teachers must face.  Please have a listen and pass it on. *Trigger warning*

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Alex Schenker:

Natural Movement

Episode 30

Join us on this podcast as I speak with Alex Schenker, natural movement educator and martial arts instructor, about what natural movement means, the importance of moving every day and how our daily activities can be viewed as the natural movement he talks about.

A very interesting and exciting conversation

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Nikki Martin:

Recovery, Writing and Retreats

Episode 29

Listen as Nikki and I talk about her journey into recovery, her writing process and the moments leading up to and inspiring her book A Momentary Darkness, how and why she decided to become a yoga teacher and felt that it was her duty to offer special and unique retreats.

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Trina Altman:

Round 2

Episode 28

Enjoy Round 2 of my conversation with Trina as we cover topics such as:  her Yoga Deconstructed® Workshop Series, her upcoming book, her thoughts on networking, working with and finding people who will support your path, and what we can do as movement educators to support each other.

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Vicki Pozzebon:

Supporting Your Business


Episode 27

A purveyor of all things local, listen how Vicki and I talk about how we can better support small and local businesses to help build local economy.  She also shares some common mistakes and challenges that people have often faced during their start up and what she does to make it easier for those wanting to venture in starting their own business.  Although starting your own business can be scary, in her opinion, it doesn't have to be.

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Cory Sterling LLB:

Yoga Law

Episode 26

If you're a yoga teacher and/or a business owner, you will inevitably encounter the law during your career.

Cory is the founder of his law firm Conscious Counsel and he recently published his book, "The Yoga Law Book". In this discussion, we get to talk about all the important aspects of the law that we as yogis need to be aware of.

The great thing is, Cory brings a sense of joy and fun to law.  Seems impossible, but he has managed to successfully accomplish this with grace.

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Alyx Parks:

Women Fly Fish Too

Episode 25

Alyx Parks is making her mark in women's fly fishing and after listening to this podcast you will see how she is a wonderful representation for women in the sport.  We talk about her experiences on the river and how she has taken this opportunity to connect with nature and all living things.  Her kindness and grace is contagious.

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Tiffany Cruickshank:

Yoga Medicine

Episode 24

Tiffany Cruikshank is the founder of Yoga Medicine and leader of the Seva Foundation, supporting women in India who have fallen victim to human trafficking.  In our conversation, we talk about her work with both the foundation and her Teacher Training, along with her views on what she feels is important to include in trainings, how she has incorporated the practice of Chinese Medicine into yoga, and how she practices her own self care.

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Tim Bell:

Holistic Fitness

Episode 23

If you enjoyed our first conversation in episode one, you'll love Part Two with Tim Bell.

Tim explains what he means by "working in" as opposed to working out, and that there is no such thing as separating body from mind and soul when it comes to fitness.  As far as he's concerned, it's impossible.


And of course, we have a few laughs. No spoilers here!  Buckle up and enjoy the ride folks!

Erin Jade
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Erin Jade Part 2:

Yoga Teachers, We Need to Do better

Episode 22

How important is it for a yoga teacher to understand neurology and the brain?  Does it need to be a part of every teacher training?  What are the false narratives perpetuating untrue claims to rid students of a selection of ailments?  How and why are teachers still making these claims?


These are just a few topics among many that we cover in this discussion.  You'll find yourself asking why and how, and that's exactly what Erin sets out to do.


Below is a list of books Erin recommends.


Yoga History Favorites:

Selling Yoga, From Counter-culture to Pop Culture by Andrea Jain

Yoga in Practice by David Gordon White

Sinister Yogis by David Gordon White

The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America by Stefanie Syman

The Path of Modern Yoga by Elliot Goldberg

Roots of Yoga by Jim Mallinson & Mark Singleton

Yoga Body, The Origins of Modern Posture Practice by Mark Singleton


Neuro movement favorites:

The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

A Guide To Better Movement, The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain by Todd Hargrove

How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

Balance, In Search of a Lost Sense by Scott McCredie

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Marie Janicek:

Intuitive Movement

Episode 21

Listen as Marie talks about her personal practice of movement and how it has given her body and mind freedom.  We talk about how we get in our own way and her philosophies on overcoming life's obstacles.

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Ben Pobjoy:

Walking With Social Purpose

Episode 20

A writer and photographer, Ben has written the forward to Katy Bowman's "Movement Matters" and published his works of photography from all over the globe. 

Listen as we talk about his journey from being out of shape to getting into shape by simply walking and how that has opened his already existing social awareness and his place in this world even further. 

Very interested and eye-opening.  Enjoy.

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Nat Viranond:

FRC Discussion

Episode 19

Nat Viranond, FRC junkie and movement educator.

No spoiler alert here, but there is a significant story about how Nat got into working out, moving intelligently, and finally finding his way to the Functional Range Systems.

Sure, this conversation was entertaining for me, but through all of the humor and storytelling, it is very clear to me that Nat is a man who works hard at what he loves, is super passionate, and has a big heart.

I hope you enjoy listening.

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Jules Mitchell:

Yoga Biomechanics

Episode 18

Jules Mitchell is the author of Yoga Biomechanics, Stretching Redefined.  Listen as we discuss some myths common in "Yogaland", her approach to her teachings and her tireless efforts to share her knowledge based on science.

Chris Robinson
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Chris Robinson:

Living Sober

Episode 17

Also known and Beards and Buddhi on social media, since the beginning of his sobriety, Chris has dedicated his life to being of service by providing emotional support through meditation and movement to those who are struggling with the dis-ease of alcoholism.  Listen as Chris shares his experience, strength and hope telling his story of what it was like, what happened and what it's like now.

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Rocky Heron:

A Life Rooted in Yoga

Episode 16

As an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Rocky has made his mark in the industry by simply speaking his truth and remembering what brought him to his mat in the first place.  Listen as we discuss his upbringing, how he found yoga, how yoga found him and his constant return to the practice that keeps him present and forever grateful for everything he has accomplished.

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Meghan Tuckey:

Yoga and Strength Training

Episode 15

Listen to my discussion with Meghan as she explains why incorporating strength training into your movement regime is essential for a sustainable yoga practice.  In her opinion, you can do all the fancy yoga moves like handstands and arm balances, but it's probably a good idea to prepare the joints with progressive load and mobility drills to support those moves.  She's really passionate about this work and that passion is reflected in this conversation.

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Giulia Pline:

Yoga and Resistance Bands

Episode 14

Giulia has experienced a multitude of injuries - not from yoga, but from dance and skiing that led her to a more therapeutic approach to her practice.  She has become famous for incorporating resistance bands into her practice and teachings to promote strength and stabilization.  Her creativity never ceases to amaze me.

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Kristy Pisani:

Body Positive

Episode 13

Kristy comes from a long history with having an unhealthy body image and has struggled with an eating disorder most of her adult life.  Listen as she tells her story of how it all began, how yoga was both her enabler and savior and the work she is doing now to spread the word and hope in loving yourself and the body that holds you.

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Erin Jade:

Vestibular Therapy

Episode 12

I find vestibular therapy quite fascinating and Erin has done some remarkable work incorporating this type of therapy into her unconventional yoga practices.  Listen as we discuss her philosophies and approach to movement.

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Nikki Naab-Levy:

Being a Woman in the Fitness Industry

Episode 11

If you know anything about Nikki, she doesn't hold back.  Listen how we talk openly about our experiences as women in the fitness and wellness industry and her quest to get more women on the strengthening train.

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Trina Altman:

Getting Personal

Episode 10

In this discussion, I get a chance to get behind the scenes with Trina as she shares with me her upbringing, her travels and how she found her roots in LA where Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed® were born.

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George Corso:

Animal Flow Junkie

Episode 9

Animal Flow junkie and movement fanatic, George and I talk about the importance of play and actually enjoying the process of moving - not as a workout but as a way of life.

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Alison Crouch:

Modern Pilates

Episode 8

Owner of Boomerang Pilates, her biggest motivation for teaching and moving is the "WHY".  We also chat about her recent trip to a cadaver lab.

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Joy Dorsey:

Yoga and Recovery

Episode 7
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Joy believes that the principles of recovery can be integrated into every aspect of teaching and therefore has incorporated the principles into her teaching and teacher training program that she runs annually.  We talk about being in the right places, at the right times, with the right people and how as we become more connected with ourselves, we can then connect more effectively with others.

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Isidora Romantini:

The Origins of Bent Over Wellness

Episode 6

Thanks for tuning in!  Listen as I tell the story of how Bent Over Wellness came to be, the concept behind it and what my plans are for the future of this podcast.


Correne Omland:

Living Seasonally

Episode 5
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Correne is a true homesteader and Traditional Western Herbalist.  Her passion for living a life that is sustainable for her family and mother earth shines in this podcast.  She also tells me about her decision to leave vegetarianism behind.  Very interesting.

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Roxy Menzies:

Yamuna Body Rolling

Episode 4
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If anyone is passionate about what she does, it's Roxy.  Her background in movement includes dance, pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling and she uses these modalities to help her clients move and feel better in their everyday lives.

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Marcus Smith:

Lean Into the Struggle

Episode 3

This was a really special discussion.  Before this, Marcus and I never spoke and we found ourselves revealing things about each other that we didn't expect to.  He shares how he deals with daily struggles and the tools he uses to overcome them.  This is a podcast not to be missed.

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Monique Blackman:

The Evolution and Revolution of Yoga

Episode 2

I've known Monique for several years and I've always admired her passion for keeping her practice spiritual and sharing that with her students.  Listen how her practice and teaching has evolved over the years and her personal challenges in staying true to yoga.

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Tim Bell:

Human Illumination

Episode 1

Don't let this guy's sense of humor fool you.  As much as he was an absolute blast to speak with, he has a lot of insightful things to say and is a huge contributor to the movement world.  He's a guy who knows some shit helping people move like a "space panther".

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