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This is a series of four workshops to provide you with effective tools to help you move better and feel better.  Whether it is your movement practice that you would like to see improvements in, or your activities of daily living, these workshops will empower you to take charge over how you navigate your physical body.

the almighty breath

We all know that when we take a deep breath while faced with unfavorable situations, it has the power to calm us down, but did you know that a regular optimal breathing pattern can help you with pain too?  In this workshop we will review the effects of breath on the nervous system, take a close look at the anatomy of the diaphragm, and feel what an optimal breath pattern actually feels like while experiencing all of the benefits instantaneously.  If you'd like the tools to help you sleep better, be more alert, move better and feel better, this is the workshop for you.

almighty breath.jpg

the copacetic core

We've heard the term “engage your core”, but what does that actually mean?  Have you been told that you need to “strengthen you core”?  What does it mean to “brace”?  Find out in this workshop what ideal core and stability means, what it is, and what it feels like.  If you're interested in feeling stronger and more stable in your movement practice and/or your everyday life, this is the workshop for you.


neck & shoulder 

pain solutions

Perhaps you've been dealing with a nagging pain in your neck and/or shoulders, that no matter what you've done, no matter how many manual therapists you've seen, it just seems to be hanging on and won't let go.  If this sounds familiar to you, come to this workshop to learn valuable tools to manage those aches and pains for yourself.

neck & shoulders.jpg

back pain


Back pain has almost become an epidemic! While we still don't know why exactly back pain happens, through her clinical practice Isidora has found tools to help her patients alleviate, if not demolish their back pain.  If you'd like to take control of that aching back, and start moving and feeling better, this workshop is for you.

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