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Two-Day Anatomy Training


Host Isidora as a Guest Teacher for the Anatomy portion of your Teacher Training!

Give your students a chance to experience an interactive weekend of anatomy and movement related to asana.


Day 1

Nervous System

Lower Body

  • After having an understanding of how the nervous system works, Isidora will begin guiding your students through the workings of the lower body.

  • All major muscle groups will be covered along with the unique structures and functions of the pelvis, knees, ankles and feet while applying them to movement in asana

  • Your students will grasp a deeper understanding of how the joints of the lower body work to move during asana practice, while still respecting the tradition of yoga.

Day 2

Upper Body

Neck and Spine

The "Core"

  • As Isidora continues to refer to the nervous system and how it works, she will cover the major muscle groups of the shoulders, arms, back, neck and trunk.

  • Various movements will be discussed in relation to asana, so that your students walk away with a good understanding of how these structures move and are applied to asana.

  • Topics such as biomechanics, biotensegrity, strength, flexibility and mobility will be included in the discussion.

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